Oh Zoey-isms

"I got full of poop in my belly."

this kid is a mess.


Zoey-isms just sat up in my lap and said "mom there's nothin in my hands" and then flopped back down.



Is getting so big and cute! She is the sweetest thing and rarely cries unless she is super hungry. She is tipping the scales at just about 14 lbs but I will know for sure tomorrow. She has to get shots.

She finally cutting a tooth and it is Sharp as all get out! I don't know how she still manages to chew on her hands! Ouch!

Whalin Family!

Yes I am finally getting around to blogging these after almost a week! Let me say some of them are picture perfect(is that a pun? if so pun intended!!)!

C & L were GREAT and their two little boys were a barrel of fun! Well Big Brother was and Little Brother mostly slept!

Anywho, on to the goods!

Another day.

Hi guys. I haven't wrote in a week or so because I have been busy. Or lazy. Probably the latter. But I'm good, the kids are good, and Lee is good. All good here.

To recap things I have done since I was last here I shall make a list. I LOVE lists. I mean, who doesn't? If in fact you do not like lists, go away. It's list time. By the way it is a highly unorganized list which isn't like me at all!

* Lee, the girls, and myself went to the river yesterday to swim. We were going to go to the lake but the river was closer and we had to drive right over it to get to the lake so we just stopped there instead. Let me tell you it was a good choice on my part. The river wasn't flowing very fast and where we were at there is a short stretch of  1-2 foot deep rapids with slow pools above and below. Usually we swim below the rapids and the ground under the water is all mushy and makes you wish you wore tennis shoes. But this time we swam above the rapids and the ground was big round river rocks and soft silt. It was wonderful. Not over my head tho it was close a couple times! The girls played in the rapids watching minnows and then got in there tubes and swam right out to where we were. Which was very surprising because they are usually timid about that sort of thing. They had so much fun! Even Josie got into the water and she loved it. She did not however like the fact that she spit her binky out and it was floating around. thankfully we had it on a strap so it didn't get far. I laid her back in the water and she just floated around with her eyes all scrunchy. Yesterday was just a great day. I didn't take my camera tho and now I regret it. Lee and I are both super sunburned but the girls just got tanner. Is that even a word??

* I got new furniture. A brown leather sectional. Although I'm pretty sure it isn't real leather. Who cares it looks nice!

I think that is all I have to say today. Not a lot but it is pretty early and the girls woke me up a couple times last night.

My beautiful Zoey pausing so I can snap a few pictures of her. I love that goofy smile. The whole time she was sitting her she was saying "Cheeeeeeessssseeeee" and gritting her teeth.
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My husband

Lee is a pretty great guy. Yes he annoys me at times and forget things. Such as promises to take me for mexican but overall he alright. a few weeks ago it was our 6 year anniversary. It went well. We didn't do anything special because we couldn't get a sitter for the life of us. Oh well.

On to the good stuff tho. Lee caught a HUGE fish yesterday! Mack daddy (well mommy)!

9 pounds of bass that will be hanging on our wall in a few months!

I'm pretty proud of him and this fish. He and my Uncle Frank ended up winning this tournament with just this fish. Apparently everyone was pretty depressed once they saw him pull this bad boy out of the boat.
So summer is here. And let me say its hot hot hot!!

First here is a funny story. My mom went camping this weekend and we went to visit her at the river. Mark and Lee went fishing in this little pond that Lee just LOVES to fish. Its full of monster bass, crappie and who knows what else. So off they go. About 15 minutes later here comes Mark carrying a HUGE bass and a tiny crappie. He tells us he caught the crappie, put him on the stringer, tied it to his belt loop and went back to fishing. Suddenly he felt a tug at his belt loop. He grabbed the stringer and pulled it out of the water. Out flung a huge bass trying to eat his crappie! No joke!

Crazy story huh.

Ok now for a couple pictures..
Moe the rooster! Penny swears he is the mack daddy rooster!

Pedro and Lolita. Polish bantys and my pride and joy!!

My coop. One angle of it anyways.

Pretty cool lantern. Well to me anyways!

Hooch the goat. Anyone know what kind he is??

So there are my barnyard pictures!

We went to the Fort Worth Zoo last week. Super fun! We rode the train, the carousel and looked at all sorts of animals.

There was a huge tank what was half in and half out of the ground that had gharials and turtles and all sorts of fish in it. the turtles were very friendly and Josie even liked them!

I am posting from my phone. Through text because only my husband has an IPhone. Totally going to stomp his toes. Anyways off to swim!

Word play

You know words are very interesting.

Boring words for example would be dog, cat, broke, annoying.

Fascinating words are a whole different ballgame. The words that make you sit up and take notice. Words that make you say to yourself "Oh my, I think I shall add that spectacular word to my vocabulary!"

I posted about this on Facebook recently. i think some words I came up with were SCRUMPTIOUS and ABOMINABLE.  Then my cousin added SALUTATIONS. All three are fabulous.

Did you know there are websites out there just full of wonderful words? Take this one for instance http://www.vocabula.com/VRbestwords.asp Nifty site. Lists and lists of words.

I also enjoy http://www.synonym.com/  I tend to use the same set of words over and over and this one helps me to branch out a bit.

Alas I am off to do something constructive with my time. What I don't know but time shall soon tell.


Usually I really enjoy my Sundays. Get up early, go to church in the barn, visit a bit, then usually we come home and hang out with the girls and together.

Not this Sunday.

Oh nooo...It all began last night when we decided not to attend church this morning cause Lee had to work yesterday and we have both just been exhausted. So no church. And that was the crack in the dam.

Speaking of dams, that is where Lee is at. Right now. Fishing at the dam. Where he also was on Friday night when the girls were spending the night at Gammy's and we were supposed to be spending some quality time with each other. The very same dam that he got a ticket at on Friday night. Oh the dam.

Anyways. No church. Then his cousin shows up. I got suspicious. Turns out my suspicious were correct and they were plotting something. What you may ask?? To go to the dam of course!

That is how it all started. Terrible long boring stressful day.

So here I am. Three kids and me. But it is alright. You know why?? Cause I will get revenge for being alone all weekend. Sweet revenge. Ha ha.

Ok. Yes I know that I'm going a little overboard here.

Next weekend however is our six year anniversary. Can you believe it? Six years you might be saying right now..How did they make it? Well le me tell you a little secret. It isn't easy! But we proved about 90% of people wrong. Some people ( I wont go into the logistics) said we wouldn't make it one year!

Myself personally I will have to restrain myself to make it to 5 years 360 days!

Well heck.

The Blogger ate my blog. Seriously.

Why did no one tell me this might happen?

I had an awesome first post and now its disappeared.

Oh well. Short version to recap my former awesome first blog.

Hi. Im Deidra. Married, with three girl. Yes three girls. Great huh? Three dogs, a bajillion chickens, and a goat. My goat is pretty cool. Even tho at the moment I am VERY upset with him for tearing part of my chicken coop up....

OK. Thats all for the moment. My nappers are defecting and I have to chase them down!