Word play

You know words are very interesting.

Boring words for example would be dog, cat, broke, annoying.

Fascinating words are a whole different ballgame. The words that make you sit up and take notice. Words that make you say to yourself "Oh my, I think I shall add that spectacular word to my vocabulary!"

I posted about this on Facebook recently. i think some words I came up with were SCRUMPTIOUS and ABOMINABLE.  Then my cousin added SALUTATIONS. All three are fabulous.

Did you know there are websites out there just full of wonderful words? Take this one for instance http://www.vocabula.com/VRbestwords.asp Nifty site. Lists and lists of words.

I also enjoy http://www.synonym.com/  I tend to use the same set of words over and over and this one helps me to branch out a bit.

Alas I am off to do something constructive with my time. What I don't know but time shall soon tell.


Usually I really enjoy my Sundays. Get up early, go to church in the barn, visit a bit, then usually we come home and hang out with the girls and together.

Not this Sunday.

Oh nooo...It all began last night when we decided not to attend church this morning cause Lee had to work yesterday and we have both just been exhausted. So no church. And that was the crack in the dam.

Speaking of dams, that is where Lee is at. Right now. Fishing at the dam. Where he also was on Friday night when the girls were spending the night at Gammy's and we were supposed to be spending some quality time with each other. The very same dam that he got a ticket at on Friday night. Oh the dam.

Anyways. No church. Then his cousin shows up. I got suspicious. Turns out my suspicious were correct and they were plotting something. What you may ask?? To go to the dam of course!

That is how it all started. Terrible long boring stressful day.

So here I am. Three kids and me. But it is alright. You know why?? Cause I will get revenge for being alone all weekend. Sweet revenge. Ha ha.

Ok. Yes I know that I'm going a little overboard here.

Next weekend however is our six year anniversary. Can you believe it? Six years you might be saying right now..How did they make it? Well le me tell you a little secret. It isn't easy! But we proved about 90% of people wrong. Some people ( I wont go into the logistics) said we wouldn't make it one year!

Myself personally I will have to restrain myself to make it to 5 years 360 days!

Well heck.

The Blogger ate my blog. Seriously.

Why did no one tell me this might happen?

I had an awesome first post and now its disappeared.

Oh well. Short version to recap my former awesome first blog.

Hi. Im Deidra. Married, with three girl. Yes three girls. Great huh? Three dogs, a bajillion chickens, and a goat. My goat is pretty cool. Even tho at the moment I am VERY upset with him for tearing part of my chicken coop up....

OK. Thats all for the moment. My nappers are defecting and I have to chase them down!