Word play

You know words are very interesting.

Boring words for example would be dog, cat, broke, annoying.

Fascinating words are a whole different ballgame. The words that make you sit up and take notice. Words that make you say to yourself "Oh my, I think I shall add that spectacular word to my vocabulary!"

I posted about this on Facebook recently. i think some words I came up with were SCRUMPTIOUS and ABOMINABLE.  Then my cousin added SALUTATIONS. All three are fabulous.

Did you know there are websites out there just full of wonderful words? Take this one for instance http://www.vocabula.com/VRbestwords.asp Nifty site. Lists and lists of words.

I also enjoy http://www.synonym.com/  I tend to use the same set of words over and over and this one helps me to branch out a bit.

Alas I am off to do something constructive with my time. What I don't know but time shall soon tell.


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