Zoey-isms just sat up in my lap and said "mom there's nothin in my hands" and then flopped back down.



Is getting so big and cute! She is the sweetest thing and rarely cries unless she is super hungry. She is tipping the scales at just about 14 lbs but I will know for sure tomorrow. She has to get shots.

She finally cutting a tooth and it is Sharp as all get out! I don't know how she still manages to chew on her hands! Ouch!

Whalin Family!

Yes I am finally getting around to blogging these after almost a week! Let me say some of them are picture perfect(is that a pun? if so pun intended!!)!

C & L were GREAT and their two little boys were a barrel of fun! Well Big Brother was and Little Brother mostly slept!

Anywho, on to the goods!