Summer Fun, and other things.

So summer is here. And let me say its hot hot hot!!

First here is a funny story. My mom went camping this weekend and we went to visit her at the river. Mark and Lee went fishing in this little pond that Lee just LOVES to fish. Its full of monster bass, crappie and who knows what else. So off they go. About 15 minutes later here comes Mark carrying a HUGE bass and a tiny crappie. He tells us he caught the crappie, put him on the stringer, tied it to his belt loop and went back to fishing. Suddenly he felt a tug at his belt loop. He grabbed the stringer and pulled it out of the water. Out flung a huge bass trying to eat his crappie! No joke!

Crazy story huh.

Ok now for a couple pictures..
Moe the rooster! Penny swears he is the mack daddy rooster!

Pedro and Lolita. Polish bantys and my pride and joy!!

My coop. One angle of it anyways.

Pretty cool lantern. Well to me anyways!

Hooch the goat. Anyone know what kind he is??

So there are my barnyard pictures!

We went to the Fort Worth Zoo last week. Super fun! We rode the train, the carousel and looked at all sorts of animals.

There was a huge tank what was half in and half out of the ground that had gharials and turtles and all sorts of fish in it. the turtles were very friendly and Josie even liked them!


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