1st day of Kindergarten

Penny started Kindergarten today! We made this cute sign that I found on Pinterest 
about what she wanted to be when she grows up. 

She picked out her Hello Kitty dress, some black bike shorts, her sparkly black bobs 
and then a white headband. She looked fabulous!

On the way to school she realized she left her apple, that was 
for her teacher (yes, cliche), at home. Oh boy. The tears started to flow and I had to 
stop at the store and grab a new apple! All better now. 

I hope she has a great day at school and I know she will be a great 
student this year. The kid has a hunger for learning. 

And now a photobomb. 

And now for some random information so I can remember this
day for forever and ever. The date is August 23, 2012. Penny's
teacher is Mrs. Lindsey Riser. She sits on the row closest to the 
teachers desk which is probably for the best cause she is a 
talker! There is a cute little boy who sits to one side of her
and the other child wasn't there yet for the other side! There
is a bunch of kids in her class but I didn't count how many! 
Luke and Marley Jo from last year are in her class but
they are the only two. 


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